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Rest on a walk in the Palatinate Forest If you had more than one life to live, you could hike or bike all of the Palatinate Forest (the "Pfälzerwald")! You could follow thousands of meandering paths and trails. You could visit and experience the unique hospitality of each guesthouse along the way. You could discover countless spectacular rock formations, castles and ruins.

The rest of us, however, will just enjoy each and every day in this magnificent region full of sights, myths and history.

Holiday Area, German Natural Reserve, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - alle Informationen zum Wandern im Pfälzerwald und zum Urlaub in der PfalzDear visitors,
due to the rich content of it would have been too much to fully translate this site into English. The following is therefore only a brief introduction to one of Middle-Europe´s most beautiful natural parks.

The Palatinate 
and the 
Palatinate Forest

EuropeThe Pfalz (Palatinate) is located in the southwest of Germany, touching the French border to the Alsace and the Lorraine, in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate).
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It is called one of the most beautiful regions of middle Europe, with holidaymakers coming from all over the world for its magnificent nature, historical sites and variety of activities.
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The eastern part stretches into the Rhineland, with its romantic wine area and Mediterranean climate (the Deutsche Weinstrasse). The centre of the Pfalz features the impressive mountains of the Palatinate Forest, the Pfälzerwald. It covers 1.798 km², 75% of this being forest. Thus, as Germany´s largest contiguous area of forest it has the status of a German Natural Reserve (Naturpark Pfälzerwald) since 1967 and of an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1992. The Pfälzerwald therefore finds itself similar to other nature phenomena like Yellowstone Park and the Gobi Desert.


The Naturpark Pfälzerwald offers a large network of marked trails with a total length of 12.000 km. These will lead you through still forests with magnificent views.

Trifels CastleOutstanding highlights of the Pfälzerwald are more than 50 castles and ruins which give evidence of history from the middle-ages (well known is the story of Richard Lionheart who was held in prison for years at Trifels Castle by Barbarossa the Emperor.) One of the suggested trails here leads you to seven castles along the way in one day! 
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Hochstein Rock near DahnMore than 200 impressive rocks of multi-coloured sandstone make the Pfälzerwald (especially the Dahner Felsenland) a favourite destination for climbers from all over Europe. Hikers can visit many of these rocks along their routes to find breathtaking views overlooking the unique landscape and idyllic villages.

The local hiker´s organisation, the Pfälzerwaldverein offers a large network of refuges (click for list) along the trails, where you can have typical palatinate food and beverages, of course including the famous Saumagen and local wines.

Have a look at the foto gallery and the foto-show to get a better impression of what hiking in the Palatinate Forest feels like.


Teufelstisch (Devil´s Table)The Pfälzerwald offers many more attractions and activities for all kinds of tastes and skills, and for people of all ages. For swimming and relaxing you will find numerous small lakes and waterpark-like pools. Some wonderful cycle tracks and a brand new mountain bike-park, with demanding trails, make the Pfälzerwald a favourite biking spot. In addition, horseback riding and even paragliding and canoeing will satisfy each sportive taste. Hunting and fishing in pristine lakes and creeks attract many visitors as well.
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Within one hour´s drive, you could take in attractive cities like Heidelberg with its medieval castle above the Neckar River, or Trier with its world-famous Roman building Porta Nigra, or even the French city of Strasbourg with its sky-touching Cathedral.
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5 hiking tours lasting 3-5 days with overnight stays in the lodges of the Pfälzerwald-Verein

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